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The Rosen Corporation (Peter Baldwin)

Created by Peter Baldwin (AKA S. A. Fred) in 2015, The Rosen Corporation evolved from an idea to recreate electronic music as it sounded circa 1972 to 1984. Primarily taking its inspiration from the likes of Vangelis, and Berlin School artists like Tangerine Dream/ Klaus Schulze, the project has maintained a production style focused on cinematic and evocative music made using vintage synthesizer and drum machine instruments recreated both virtually and physically in hardware. The intention is to try and recapture the warmth and organic sound of analog instruments to evoke a sense of music from the past.
Often recreating (in tribute) the influences of Vangelis or Tangerine Dream closely through original pieces, The Rosen Corporation also combines its influences, creating a style that takes in everything from New Age, to Psychedelia to Hauntology.